Iyawo Mi

Iyawo Mi My love and my one & only The true love that I have given you And you have given to me back You are the one I put my heart upon You are the one I put my future upon   Iyawo Mi My wife and my best friend I filtered the noise […]

No Place Like Home

[Verse 1] You can go to the length of the earth You party at the Caribbean Islands You can live the American dream You will see many wonders You can experience different culture shocks But you know there is no place like home [Verse 2] You can run far away You can live far away […]


[Verse 1] You can look and search No answer You can watch and see No one notices You can try and fail No one cares You can love and be rejected No lover You can fight and perish No one cries for ever [Verse 2] You become hopeless It seems like you are blind It […]

Lonely & Freedom

[Verse 1] Is it truly lonely at the top? I wonder this so many times Is it truly lonely when you are alone? I really thought there were spirits Is it truly lonely when there is no love? I thought there was something called self love Is it lonely when you have no family? I […]


Money! Money!! Money!!! Money can destroy friendships Money can create one Money reveals your true self Money brings about fake friends Money can be your happiness Money can not solve sadness Money can be evil Money can be used for something good Money can make you become an enemy Money can make you fall in […]

Ambassadors of Hope

[Verse 1] The ambassadors of hope are here They are the future They are the next set of leaders They are our tomorrow They change this present This present is not the best The future can be better We can only depend on the ambassadors Who are these ambassadors? They are our children They represent […]

Dead Love

[Verse 1] The love I have for you is dead It is long gone You took my heart as a game My heart broke [Verse 2] Now I am more confident Now I am getting stronger I fixed my broken heart After burying your love [Verse 3] Are you the one begging? Are you the […]

The Mind

[Verse 1] The mind is full of joy The mind is full of happiness The mind makes up your life This is when you are happy [Verse 2] The mind can be full of sadness The mind is full of emptiness The mind makes up your life This is when you are depressed [Verse 3] […]

What a Day!

[Verse 1] My day has started It is a day full of hopes It is a day I hope to achieve a lot of goals [Verse 2] The day has been fruitful Goals have been achieved I am starting to dream more This is has been a nice day! [Verse 4] I woke up feeling […]