It is not a gainsaying that nobody rules forever. It is said- Soldier go, Soldier come, Barrack go still remain. Therefore, it is important to rule with ease and to make impact because the table keeps turning and turning. The political environment is not different, people want to succeed the ruling from the inception of the administration. Even in Nigeria as a whole, many politicians have been working towards 2023 presidential election yet this present administration is barely one year.

Can it be said- like Nigeria like NUESA? As soon as the HOPE team was inaugurated, several candidates began to show interest to replace the HOPE team who still had more in their mouth to swallow. In the ocean of politics, awareness comes first and people seems to keep to the point of he told me first but sincerely, should good governance be all about who declares intentions first or those who have good intentions.

It is quite important to note that those who want to preside over NUESA actually need to know when to deaf-dance to a funeral hymn; the people should caution them so that their deafness won’t be interpreted as madness.
Educators have learnt their lesson; that department numerical strength does not qualify a good candidate, accessing the HOPE team, educators could point out those who are diligent in their duties and those who only gets there to ‘look’. Now, before you preside over NUESA, what have you done and what will you do in office? Such is the question to be ruminated on.

As a matter of fact, before you preside over NUESA, know your duties and have your plans. A funny scenario played out last NUESA electioneering process whereby the two candidates who contested for the post of the Assistant General Secretary presented the same manifestoes, word for word to the noble pressmen during the press night, meanwhile one of them who eventually won seemed to move forward, to become the next general secretary. Before you preside over NUESA, don’t just have the supposed duties alone, but also have good intentions towards NUESA and say no to plagiarism.

Leadership can make an association great and on the other side, it could also mar an association. If educators actually want to contribute to the development of NUESA, then there need not be reason to support candidates based on sentiments but based on capability and what such person tends to offer.

Dear nation builders, the political atmosphere is getting tensed, the HOPE team is counting down the days left in office while those who wants to replace them are at the corner salivating like a dog anticipating the big meat. Look before you leap dear educators, seeing sometimes may not be believing. There need to be a check on integrity, antecedent and intellect.

Many were called but few will be chosen in this race of political struggle, some will walk the walk, work the work, spend the cash and at the end of the race they will be defeated, in fact might be defeated by only one vote while the few that will run this race will be part of the team that will replace the HOPE team.

Gradually, the administration of the HOPE team is coming to an end. With activities and programmes that had taken place under the leadership of Com. Aliu Olusesi, can it be hoped that the hope of educators will be sustained by their actions in the forthcoming election.

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