The long anticipated student unionism is here, students seems excited to know what it feels like to have and experience active student unionism. However, for those that have witness the tenure of the ‘beardless boy’ and his precedent will do the comparison of the fresh bloods into the office. The management wants brilliant bearded men in the student union chamber but little do they know that with intelligence and brilliance comes with a great price.

As university of Ibadan students cast their votes today (7th, December 2019), the to-be-elected executives should keep in mind that they are being elected into responsibility.The press night changed the views of supporters positively as they got aggregated when their candidates displayed how capable he/she was and as well as negatively as he/she reflected what’s not capable of as the case may be.

These candidates were scrutinized by noble pressmen, who tested them intellectually and in all ramifications as the questions to some answer may be. Some candidates showed their level of intellectualism, though not all did; according to the Press Night result the vice-presidential candidate seemed to be above all other candidates in each grade sections. Well, this can only be as a result of preparedness, though other might not necessarily take it with levity but their effort didn’t give it worth.

Due to e-voting system, some students were accredited but were denied to vote; technical errors, electoral errors, all did blame the e-voting for misappropriation and no adequate technical-know-how personnel. Many student gave out their plight as some didn’t get the secret code while some were unable to vote, whereas, those that are not within the university environs that were affected by this predicament won’t be able to come down to the senate building for the manual e-voting.

This implies that e-voting as easy and convenient as it seems, was not adequately effective, however, this was just preliminary introduction and a new development in the system which can be corrected and more beneficial. Subsequently, the election ended and the winners (new student union executives) were declared; supporters received the news with glee and joy while those at the end of the rope were left dismayed.

All what they did ran through their mind, to win this election, what didn’t we do? The powerful seat, which is the presidential seat was won by a Zikite, which made some students question the election results, claimed that the new declared President was not their choice and concluded that the election was rigged.

The end result to this was that, Independence Hall has remained silent as a graveyard after the mighty fall while this happened to be the opposite in Nnamdi Azikwe hall, it has remained as lively as ever before.

As a final point, with these confusion and uproar amongst students about free andfair election; especially those that were not favored. Student should be reminded that the University management was involved in the electoral planning and process. The election seems to be free as the case may be, but the winner being declared, the management was involved, what else do we have to question, their authority and fairness? Students dare not do such to disrespect the management. In all,without the support of students there can’t be smooth running of the Union, support the new elected executive.

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