[Verse 1]

You can go to the length of the earth

You party at the Caribbean Islands

You can live the American dream

You will see many wonders

You can experience different culture shocks

But you know there is no place like home

[Verse 2]

You can run far away

You can live far away

You can work far away

You can sleep far away

But your heart yearns for it

What is it yearning for?

It wants to go home


There is no place like home

[Verse 3]

The World is different from the past

The World is made up of the spoils of modern warfare

The first to the second modern warfare

That is what made up the world of today

A world full of violence

A world full of deception

A world full of unequal wealth distribution

A world full of lies

A world full of the spoils of modern warfare

But no place is a beautiful as your home

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