[Verse 1]

You can look and search

No answer

You can watch and see

No one notices

You can try and fail

No one cares

You can love and be rejected

No lover

You can fight and perish

No one cries for ever

[Verse 2]

You become hopeless

It seems like you are blind

It seems like you a failure

It seems like you’re a fool for loving

It seems like you are weak

In the end we keep wondering

What went wrong?

Being alive is everything

[Verse 3]

Life giveth things

And life taketh whatever it wants

Nobody has it good

Everyone tries to become a better person

That should be the goal

Everything is not all about sadness

There are people with nothing living free

That’s is the true wealth

Anybody can fall at any time

We all rise back but only if we try

Can you? Do you? Will you? Should you?

When there is life, hope will always show its face

This should be a reason to be alive

Being alive is everything

Everything can only come when you are alive




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