Right from time, some people have always sprung up claiming to have the interests of educators at heart, get to the office and forget all about the promises they made and the passion that was pushing them then. Well, the current occupiers of the Nation Builders’ Secretariat, the Hope Team under the headship of Olusesi Aliu, how far have you gone?

In case you do not remember that promises were made, here is a reminder. While it can be said that the administration has been doing well and attending to educators’ needs, it can as well be said that certain offices remain questionable.

Accountability and transparency rang in the ears of educators before your emergence into the various offices. Even though it has always been the song with no effect, you were given the chance to serve and prove your skills, how far have you sustained educators’ trust in you all?

There were expectations at the time you were coming in, as well as promises to the generality of educators. All these would make us ask, right at this point, to what extent have you been able to deliver your promises?

There are several speculations among educators about the things you’ve done ever since you came in and the things you are yet to do. Some say, you’ve done so well while others say, there are still lots to be done. Considering all these speculations, one cannot but ask the Hope team, are there still lots yet to be achieved or you’ve achieved almost all of the things you had promised to do for educators?

For the sake of clarity, this is not to attack any executive office but to serve as a check and reminder of the past promises that made the populace of educators to vote the Hope Team in and to awaken the eagerness, passion and the interest that ignited the urge and the reason to lead and represent fellow educators in the office. It is in the light of this that educators hope and await the fulfilment of the yet-to-come promises.

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