On Saturday 14 of December, 2019, the NUESA Faculty Legislative Council held its last legislative sitting for the 2018/19 academic session.

The sitting started early as scheduled, it started around some minutes before the hour of 9am at A204/205, Faculty of Education.

At the sitting, the Chairman of the Audit and Budget Committee, Honr. Popoola Hassan presented a report on the proposed budget for books and other package production and as well, the report of the financial statement of NUESA, dated 11th of December 2019.

After much deliberation from the councilors, 2100 books will be produced at the price rate of #500 each and the total amount approved for the production of books was #1,050,000.

Furthermore, the sum of #840,000 was approved for the production of tote bags. The house agreed that the delivery of both the books and the tote bags must be at most four weeks.

While presenting the financial statement of NUESA, Honr. Popoola Hassan revealed to the house that, the income generated as at 11th of December was a total sum of #6,951,020 while the expenditure amounted to be a sum of #3,660,783, and the total balance was #3,660,783.

He concluded his presentation by advising the executive members to have a good plan for their upcoming programmes laying more emphasis on the dinner.

Moving further, the house had to skip the agendum of presentation of report from the treasurer as well as that of report on bill and moved Straight to A.O.B after which the sitting ended.

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