The committee didn’t increase the CGPA based on their own interest, it was a strong recommendation from the Dean” – The Electoral Chairman declared.

After the inauguration of the NUESA electoral body (ESEC) at the FLC sitting that held on the 11th of January, 2019. The Electoral Chairman, Oladunni Jimoh, has promised educators a credible and transparent election.

In the interview made with the Electoral Chairman, he said that educators should expect the best from them in the coming election, and that the commission is working tirelessly to ensure they conduct a free, fair and credible election. He promised that the electioneering process will be transparent, so educators should throw away their fears.

He states further that several efforts have been channelled towards making the election a credible one. ‘We actually plan on an e-voting system, a standalone voting machine at a voting centre and we are specially making special features for the electoral process and I have so much belief that educators will find it transparent enough’ He said.

Also, the electoral chairman talks about their newly set criteria that the aspirants must meet before they could contest. One of the criteria include a shift from the constitutional provision that a student can contest an election if he or she has an average of his Cumulative Grade Point Aggregate (CGPA). But according to the electoral commission, any student vying for a key post in the Faculty must have at least a CGPA of 2.5, this fetched some people out of the league of contestants, including a Presidential aspirant.

However, the Electoral Chairman has argued that according to the provisions of the constitution in article 10 section 2, the constitution empowers the commission to draw out any electoral guidelines that may suit the commission. He then made a full expatiation on this new policy. He said; ”The committee didn’t increase the CGPA based on their own interest, it was a strong recommendation from the Dean.” He stated further that part of the reasons the Dean gave was that, it’s high time they stopped politics of mediocrity in the Faculty.

As said by the chairman, a CGPA of 2.5 should not be a herculean task for someone who wants to become a student leader, rather it would make them think rightly about their academics. The Electoral Chairman made it known that the decision of the management supercedes that of the students’ constitution.


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