[Verse 1]

The love I have for you is dead

It is long gone

You took my heart as a game

My heart broke

[Verse 2]

Now I am more confident

Now I am getting stronger

I fixed my broken heart

After burying your love

[Verse 3]

Are you the one begging?

Are you the one knocking?

Are you the one crying?

Well, that love is dead

[Verse 4]

The attitude is of utmost importance

Your whole being is made up by it

But why be cruel?!

This is no way to go

This attitude has to change

[Verse 5]

Never can you continue to be like this

You will end bad

You will end up being sad

You will end in a wrong place

All because of that attitude,

Your attitude which is the attitude

It has created a love which is fated to die

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