Following the events of things on campus, all hands seem to be on deck. This may not be unconnected to the fact that students must have learnt their lessons in the past or thought they have lost their voice to champion any cause in the nearest future. From the series of interviews granted by the president of the students’ union, it is obvious peace would be given a chance, and most times, things take time to change in this kind of environment. This is because; each party has no choice than to tolerate the other party’s excesses all in the name of peace.

Since the period of aeon, experience they say is the best teacher. It doesn’t fall on people as a result of egotism or pomposity. Evidently, one could opine that this very part of the cosmos, most individuals lacks the appropriate moxie, skills and proficiency needed and required of them to fill in the vacuum of where they find themselves. This has over time given birth to misplaced priority syndrome and a host of other undesirable stance.

It is however farcical and chuckle-some that most first-timers are unwilling to tap from other’s experience. What else will be borne out of the action of a rookie trying to regiment the ideologies of a veteran if not chaos and discombobulation. Most 21st century tenderfoot hates to be reproved, but are hell bent on imposing their idiosyncrasy on non-conformist old-hands. Now that the union has been reinstated and the baton has been handed over to them, we hope they will tread the path without incurring the wrath of constituted authority.

It is of a truth that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step; and as such, the gaining of experience starts somewhere. There’s never any issue with a first timer occupying a place for as long as such person is not an egotist or someone self-sufficient with his own shallow knowledge on the subject matter. It is understandable that when one is new at something, the feeling that Mount Everest can be climbed in a minute do saturates one mind. It is not far from the truth that majority of the student representative council members are first timers, it is our belief that they won’t run things based on their own knowledge alone.

While most of these less-experienced egotists let their chronological age and level of study cloud their dispositions, one need to remind them that is not a certification that they are of authority everywhere. It is possible for an undergraduate of physics to be better than a professor of English language in physics. The above scenario is to further remind them of the fact that no man is an island of knowledge.

Albeit, it may be difficult to make a crooked tree straight neither will a thousand words of admonition fill the empty vessel of these erring tenderfoots. Even if the curtain is drawn at this juncture, it is with the notion that a word is enough for the wise and automatically, a learner is expected to be wise. To this effect, I anticipate all tenderfoots to swallow their ego and pride, and learn from those knowledgeable than them wherever they find themselves. At this point, a word is enough for the wise is the best that can be said.

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